Ages 19-49

Vaccines are not just for children. Adults need them too. Vaccines are an important step in preventing serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases. Some vaccines you may need include:

In addition to the vaccines mentioned above, other vaccines may be recommended for you based on certain risk factors. Please, talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist to find out which vaccines you may need. You can also follow these links to take the Adult Vaccine Quiz and view the adult immunization schedule. Then, find out where you can get vaccines using the HealthMap Vaccine Finder.

Grandparents Toolkit

Becoming a grandparent is an exciting new stage in your life. There’s lots of planning to do from a baby shower to helping set up the nursery and maybe even preparing to take care of the baby when your children return to work. Don’t forget that vaccines, particularly flu and Tdap, can help protect the health of both you and your grandchild! Learn more about how you can prepare for the new baby with our easy-to-share resources.

Additional Resources