Adult Vaccination FAQ

Where can I get vaccinated?

Your primary care provider should have adult vaccines available. You can also receive some vaccines at pharmacies, depending on what state you live in. City and county health departments and community locations such as grocery stores and schools may also hold vaccine clinics for community members. Find out where you can get vaccines using the HealthMap Vaccine Finder.

What if I already got one of the recommended vaccines as a child?

You may have received the DTaP vaccine as a child but it is recommended that adults receive a tetanus and diphtheria (Td) booster vaccine every ten years. Adults should receive a Tdap booster shot, which also protects against pertussis, as one of their booster shots. You may have also already received a flu shot, but it is recommended that everyone get a flu shot every year.

Are vaccines covered under my insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act, adults 19 years and older enrolled in new group or individual private health plans can receive ACIP-recommended vaccines from an in-network provider without cost-sharing mechanisms. You may have to pay a small administration fee. Check with your insurance provider to make sure your adult vaccinations are covered. Learn more about paying for vaccines if you have private health insurance.

Are adult vaccines covered by Medicare?

Some adult vaccines are covered by Medicare. Medicare covers influenza vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines and hepatitis B vaccines. Medicare Part B covers other immunizations, such as tetanus and rabies, if you have been exposed to the virus or disease. Medicare Part D covers all available vaccines not covered by Medicare Part B. Learn more about Medicare vaccine coverage.

How do I know which vaccines I might need?

Check out CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule for adults and find out which vaccines are recommended for you using the Adult Vaccine Quiz.

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